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Who's behind i-want-a-print?

i-want-a-print was established by a group of artists and art professionals who believe that good art can and should be offered at accessible prices. You are welcome to contact us directly, please write to us at customer@i-want-a-print.com

How would signing up for the newsletter change my life?

Signing up for our newsletter will keep you updated on new editions coming out, giving you a head start in obtaining the newest prints. In addition, receiving our newsletter will keep you up to date with the latest news and magazine publications Subscribe now. If at any time you wish to stop receiving our newsletter, you can use this link to easily unsubscribe.


What's a limited edition?

A Limited Edition is a series of identical prints, which are limited to a certain number of pieces. We commit to only produce the stated number of prints, and once an edition is closed, it's closed forever. With each print you purchase, you will receive an authenticity certificate, numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

Which artists will I find on your website?

We feature artists working in a wide range of media from all around the globe. The artists' works are reviewed and selected by a professional panel. The panel selects two of the artist's works, which are then introduced to the website. On i-want-a-print you can find established as well as emerging artists, photographers, painters, new media artists, and more.

What printing techniques do you use?

We sell museum quality prints, and work closely with the artists in order to achieve this. The artists have a choice between two main printing techniques: C-print and archival pigment print. The respective printing method is decided on taking into consideration the nature of each work.

What's the difference between C-print and archival pigment print?

A C-print is a color photographic print made on negative-type color photographic paper and is used for both black and white as well as multicolored art works. This is the most common print for artworks whose original medium is photography. Archival pigment print is a method of printing using a digital pigment printer. Prints made by this method are also referred to as Giclee prints. The image stability of pigment printing is superior to that of any other method of printing and it excels in permanence.

Will I receive a certificate of authenticity along with the work?

Along with your limited edition print you will receive a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate also specifies the title of the work, printing method, and location in the edition.

Who holds the copyrights of the artworks?

All copyrights are retained by the artists.

To what degree does the print look like the image I see online?

We do our outmost to ensure quality and precision. Nevertheless, please take into consideration that the images you see on your screen are back-lit and that the color setting on each computer might vary. The printed works are made according to the artists' instructions, and they are personally reviewed and approved by the artists to ensure their full satisfaction.

Do artists benefit from sales?

All income from sales are split evenly with the artist after deducting production costs.


When will I receive the print I just bought?

Shipping - Shipping may take up to 7 business days. In most cases shipping time will be shorter.
Delivery  - If you choose FedEx as courier, the package should arrive at your doorstep within up to 3 business days from shipping. If you choose air-mail delivery, the package could take up to 3 weeks after shipping to arrive at its destination. In any case, if your purchase is urgent, let us know by mail at: customer@i-want-a-print.com, and we promise to do our best to speed up the delivery.

How do you make sure I receive my print in perfect condition?

We care deeply for your prints. Each print is carefully hand packed and sent by registered mail. The small prints are packed in a protective nylon package, inserted into a cardboard box, and sealed in an envelope. The medium and large size prints are carefully rolled with brown paper and put in a cardboard roll. Our packaging ensures that no damage occurs during delivery. You can see what our packages look like on this link: shipping info

How can I track my order?

If you choose FedEx as your courier, you will receive a tracking reference number on your confirmation e-mail with a link to FedEx tracking services. Please note that when sending the package by air mail, the order is registered but cannot be tracked.

What if something happens to my print on the way?

Your print is insured against all damages incurred during transit. Once the delivery has been signed for, it is no longer insured and is your sole responsibility. You are, therefore, advised to thoroughly check all deliveries on arrival before signing for them.

Can I return a print?

In order to maintain our low prices, we are forced to keep our procedures as simple as possible. Unfortunately, therefore, we cannot accept returned works. Please take into consideration that all sales are final. For further information please review our user agreement. Still, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your print, let us know and we'll do whatever is possible to help.


Is shopping online with i-want-a-print safe?

Absolutely. Your credit card details are not stored by i-want-a-print. Card details are securely delivered directly to our bank account via the secure Streamline and Datacash Payment Systems.

How do you protect my credit card details and personal information?

No card information is stored on our systems. All information you provide is kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or shared.

What do you do with the information you collect?

We commit to only use the information you provide in order to give you better service and improve your shopping experience. If you choose to become a member, your personal details (with the exclusion of credit card details) will be kept automatically on the site to spare you from re-entering your details with each purchase.

Am I going to be charged duty and other taxes?

Duty and other taxes are calculated on checkout. Please be aware that at receiving the package you may be charged extra taxes (import taxes) according to the local laws of the destination country. If such taxes apply, the recipient of the shipment is considered the importer and is responsible for all import fees.

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