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Emerging Artists

Our new EMERGING ARTISTS section offers you a rare opportunity to buy art works of young and emerging artists from around the world online. The artists featured on the site are selected by a professional panel, from hundreds of submissions. Only the most talented and promising young artists are chosen to be featured on the site!

After launching i-want-a-print.com, featuring well established artists from all over the world, we have decided to give young and emerging artists the opportunity to present and sell their works online. We believe in young art and in young and emerging artists.

Each emerging artists’ work you buy has an added value of supporting the young artist, and gives you the opportunity of buying for pennies a work of art that may prove to be highly valuable in the future. After all, every successful artist was an emerging artist at some point… Most important, you get a chance to bring a beautiful work of art into your home.



Emerging Artists Talent Award 2009

  1. i-want-a-print is proud and happy to announce that the winner of the i-want-a-print Emerging Talent Award 2009 is Ori Bahat.

    Works by the winner and finalists will be coming online soon.

    The winner and finalists have been chosen by a professional selecting panel, out of hundreds of submissions.

    The i-want-a-print Emerging Talent Award is devoted to promoting the work of art students and/or recent graduates making the transition from the academic environment to professional careers.